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Quebec2009-7756 Coming up via I-93, Franconia Notch
Quebec2009-7758 What's for lunch today?
Quebec2009-7761 Smile, everybody!
Quebec2009-7762 Quiet time
Quebec2009-7768 Lawyer? What lawyer?
Quebec2009-7769 Relaxed
Quebec2009-7777 Nice!
Quebec2009-7778 Wii battles
Quebec2009-7779 Olya
Quebec2009-7780 Nightly discussions
Quebec2009-7781 Ready to go
Quebec2009-7782 Now even more ready
Quebec2009-7783 She came out
Quebec2009-7787 And she rules the slope!
Quebec2009-7789 Nice run, down the Pichard
Quebec2009-7790 Kirill is all set
Quebec2009-7792 Short rest
Quebec2009-7795 Hard way via Sentier Des Bouleaux
Quebec2009-7797 View on North side

Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec

Chalets Mont Ste Anne (#69)

Auberge Baker restaurant, Saint-Anne-De-Beaupre