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Piter 2009

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 Flight Boston-London-Pulkovo just arrived
 Watching Communa's 50th anniversary
 Underground (escape) tunnel from Gatchinsky Palace. Cold and scary
 Prioratsky Palace
 Well, even church must be practical
 Meeting with Ulla
 Galya Gaidash
 Pushkinskaya Street
 Old friends. Some not seen for 35 years, oh well...
 Meeting the first time since 8th grade of school 243
 Valera  tells his story
 Nice place this
 Instant pictures revealed
 Friendly place:
 Stoyal on, dum vysokikh poln...
 Arkady, I'm so glad we've met again
 My cousin Olya
 After 35 years we had a lot to talk about
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