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Savoy Mountain State Forest 4th of July 
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Sleepers Island 
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 New grape vines
 I think it's groundhog
 First season for these red flowers
 At the door of Elbrys Networks
 We are on Brighton Beach
 Everyone is busy in babushka Kira's household
 New park in Newburyport
 There was old railroad on this place, so steam engine is not here by chance
 Masis's plantation
 Tasty plums
 Around midnight
 Elbrys Networks is 4 years old
 In Boston  to see
 Nastya grows so fast

Savoy Mountain State park campground; site 27

Deerfield-Fife rafting with Crab Apple, Inc.

Sleeper's Island

The auction where we won weekend at Sleeper's Island

OVO in Cirque du Soleil